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Meet the Author

Welcome to Traveling Motherhood!

I am so excited you stopped by! Meet my family! I’m Abigail, my husband is Craig Jr and our son is Craig the Third, who we call Trey, and our dog Tyson. We are adventure seekers who are currently living the simple life in Denver, Colorado. Exploring the mountains and all this incredible state has to offer.

I adore my little family. My husband is the definition of entrepreneur. He is always creating new and creative ways to make money and he loves doing it. Trey has changed me in ways I never thought possible. Becoming his mom has brought more joy than I’ve ever imagined.  He is the cutest little, chunky, bald boy you’ll ever meet. Our dog Tyson is a gorgeous, 100 pound husky mix with the most calming disposition. Trey and Tyson are a duo you definitely want to be a part of.

I am an adventurous soul with a desire to see the world and live among different cultures. I love to write, read, camp, hike, boat and most anything outdoors. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I am raising my son to do the same. I love cultures and foreign languages, they provide a depth to life that would not exist if we were all made the same. My ultimate desire is to live over in Africa and immerse my family in the beauty of living with less to gain something money cannot buy, experiences.

Thanks for stopping by! To learn about this blog in depth and why I started Traveling Motherhood, click my About, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!