Welcome to Traveling Motherhood!

I built this blog with the intention of helping new moms navigate the beautiful, raw and messy ways of motherhood.

So sit down, reheat that cup of coffee that we all know you didn’t have enough time to drink when the babies got up, and read on.

I started this blog for many reasons, which I will share with you, but one of the most important is my passion for motherhood. I absolutely love being a mom and being able to experience something that carries such a deep affection, intimacy, and love that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My heart is fuller than it has ever been and I want to share that with the world. I desire to give moms a place to be open, honest and real with no judgement being passed and no one criticizing what you “should” be doing. Motherhood is hard in our society with so many opinions on how you should deliver your child, raise it and so forth. This blog is a place where I will bring honest advice on how I do life with my children, yet passing no judgement if you parent differently. Everyones story into motherhood is different and that should be celebrated and shared not criticized.

The second reason I started this blog was because of my desire to travel and provide a different lifestyle for my children than just iPads and phones. I want them to experience different cultures, atmospheres, and embrace the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone. My deepest desire is to teach them to be present wherever they find themselves and love on those around them with a depth that shatters and shifts atmospheres.

I had wonderful opportunities to grow up traveling. When I first stepped foot in a foreign country, I was only either years old. It changed me. It made me brave. I got to be a part of a whole new world that wasn’t my home and it brought me a new perspective and outlook on life that I so badly want my kids to have. You can’t help but look at life differently when you are immersed into a life that looks nothing like your own. It’s beautiful.

I’m only 24, but I’ve lived a lot of life, seen a lot of different countries, experienced so many different cultures and made many friends across the oceans. My life may look a little different than it did a few years ago when I was single and life was a little simpler but the joy I have now being married to my best friend and giving birth to our little boy far surpasses the life I used to have.

Embracing the change and still striving towards the desires of my heart is what this blog is all about. Come be a part of my journey and see what unfolds as I set out to turn my passion into a path of financial freedom for my family so we can adventure around the world.

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Thanks for stopping by!