Newborn Baby Checklist

Newborn Essentials

Expecting a baby can having SO many mixed emotions! Excitement and overwhelming usually collide during this time. Being a mom to a one year old, I am very familiar with feeling of being overwhelmed with all the baby stuff out there and not know what exactly I needed. I wish I had someone tell me specifics of what they really needed.


With all the articles, pintrest boards and registries it’s hard to really know what you need. As a new mom, here are the things I find most important.


Snuggle Me Organic -This company has an incredible lounger for co-sleepers. It is a little pricy, but it is well worth the money.

Bassinet & Pack N’ Play– If you are not a co-sleeper, this pack n’ play has everything you need. It comes with a newborn bassinet on top and once baby gets bigger you remove it and can just use it as baby’s crib.

Vibrating Lounger – This works wonders if your baby won’t sleep, it has soothing vibrations and calming sounds to help them sleep peacefully.

Rock N’ Play – I used this rock n’ play for my son for the first 2 months when he didn’t want to sleep anywhere but my arms. It is comfy and snug enough to make them feel secure and calm.

Baby Monitor – This is the monitor I use because it has a speaker which you can talk through to shush the baby without going in the room (if your child is like mine and gets more mad when you walk in to calm them down for sleep training, I just use this speaker to talk to him and shush him back to sleep).

Sound Machine – Sound machines are magic! They make sleeping so much easier and they really drown out the noises. I like this one because its not super pricy, but it works great and you can either plug it in or use batteries and take it on the go (like long car trips or camping).

Night Light – There are many different night lights, but this one is my favorite because it comes with sounds and its projections are just the right amount of light. These can be mesmerizing for babies and actually help make them drowsy.

Black Out Curtains – I never realized how amazing black out curtains were until my son was around 6 months and even a little light really bothered him during sleep, so I went and bought these and his naps have completely changed! Definitely a good investment.

Glider Chair – I never realized the significance of a rocker until I was using one at my friends house to put my son down for a nap. No more bouncing or rocking him and having my back hurt afterwards. These are a game changer, so trust me when I say to get one right at the beginning.

Swaddles – Now this is for those of you who are terrible at swaddling, like me, these are your new best friend. Easier to use, light weight, soft and breathable.

Sleep Sack – Once your baby starts to break out of the swaddle (around 2-3 months) start using a sleep sack. This one is my favorite because it has a weighted part on the front that sits on the babies chest like your hand would, it worked really well for my son and helped him stay asleep longer and not move as much.

Feeding Essentials

For bottle: 

  1. 6-8 four ounce bottles
  2. 6-8 eight ounce bottles
  3. bottle brush for cleaning
  4. 3-4 bibs
  5. Bottle warmer

For breastfeeding:

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Breast pads
  3. Breast pump – This breast pump is much cheaper than most but really works just like the others. It is small and easy to cart around. Highly recommend.
  4. Breast Milk Storage Bags – These are simply the easiest and most efficient way to store milk.
  5. Coconut oil for your sore nipples (works magic)


Health & Wellness

  1. Thermometer (rectal thermometer is most accurate, especially for newborns)
  2. Humidifier
  3. Nose frida
  4. Medicine dropper
  5. Fever and cold reducers (my go to is Hyland’s Homeopathic Medicine)


Bath Time

Plastic Tub with Mesh Sling – This is my favorite newborn tub that comes with a mesh sling that fits newborns snug and comfy

Tear Free Shampoo – This shampoo, made from the Honest Company, is delicate and chemical free for that sensitive baby skin

Lavender Lotion – This Honest Company is my favorite because it is made with all natural ingredients  and contains lavender essential oil which is extremely calming for babies

  • Soft wash cloth
  • Towel
  • Sleeper zip ups


Travel Gear

Infant Car Seat – My favorite car seat, light weight and comfy.

Stroller and Infant Car Seat Combo – This stroller combo is perfect for getting the bang for your buck. It comes with the infant carseat and all the gear to attach to the stroller.

Baby Carrier – Ergo Baby is my most favorite and comfortable way to carrier my little one. They are worth the price! Especially this one, because you can carry baby facing in or out.


Stock up on These 4 Essentials

  1. Diapers (newborn and size 1)
  2. Wipes (you go through them fast at the beginning and its nice to not have to run to the store all the time)
  3. Diaper rash cream
  4. Pacifiers

Extra Tips

  1. If your newborn sleeps in your room, keep a basket of:  diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, extra zip-up sleeper, swaddle blanket, pacifier, breast pads, nipple cream, pump. It’s nice to have a stash in your room so you don’t have to go find it at 2 am.
  2. Also night diapers are your new best friend. I wish I would’ve used them sooner, they will save you SO many diaper changes during the night.
  3. Portable changing pads (so you can change on the go)
  4. Keep a small tube of nipple cream/coconut oil in your diaper bag, especially for the first month and an extra pair of breast pads.


Hope you feel more prepared after going through this list! What are your favorite newborn essentials?




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