The Ultimate Guide for Beach Days with Babies

“Motherhood is a walk in the park… Jurassic Park”

Traveling to the beach with babies seems like a walk in the park. But we only wish it was that easy. Beach days take a on a whole new meaning when babies are in tow. They mainly consist of trying to keep my son from eating handfuls of sand, getting sand in his eyes, making sure that little body of his doesn’t burn, packing enough snacks and trying to remember when beach days meant laying out with a good book and taking a nap.

But who really wants to nap when you can explore the ocean through the wide eyes of your child?

(I mean naps are great, but this is far better)

The only difference between a good beach day and a bad beach day is having all the essentials ready and packed. This list is extensive and long, so don’t think you need all of it for a successful beach day, but I am here to provide you with as many helpful ideas as possible. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable it will be!

Beach Essentials

Beach Wagon or Stroller

You definitely need something to lug your stuff to and from your car so having a Beach wagon or a stroller with storage is the way to go. Strollers are my personal favorite because your baby can ride along too.


Tent or Umbrella

Remember when the beach days were tanning days? Now you like to spend some time in the shade to protect those little bodies from burning. My favorite pop-up tent  fits 2-3 people, and has shades that can be let down to provide a perfect place for babies to nap.


Beach Chair

This one is mainly for you, momma. Beach chairs are definitely a must have when breastfeeding your baby, you can lean back, relax and let those little ones eat comfortably.


Beach Blanket

This Beach Blanket is all you ever need when going to the beach. It is water-proof and sand-proof, which means once you’re done you just pull it up and all the sand falls off, no fussing with shaking off every last particle of sand and it folds up, velcros and has handle for you to carry it.


Beach Towels

This is a no brainer, just always nice to make sure you have this in your checklist. Towels are also a must!



Snacks, water and yogurt have to go somewhere right? Grab a small cooler and keep those kids hydrated.



Another no brainer. Don’t forget that sunscreen, definitely don’t want that chubby baby to burn. If you go the non-toxic route, this is my favorite, smooth Kid-friendly sunscreen 


Bag or Tote

You need something to carry all that sunscreen, snacks and towels right? Grab a backpack or tote to keep all that stuff in one place.


Spray Bottle

Bringing a spray bottle is perfect for being able to wash off sand, dirt and anything sticky. Sometimes you just need salt-less water to get those sticky hands less sticky.


Corn Starch

Hands down the best way to get sand off those little bodies. It’s non-toxic, cheap and works like magic.


 Plastic Bags

Always have some plastic bags handy for wet clothes and sandy towels.


Beach Toys

Remember to grab those shovels and buckets to make those big sand castles.


Baby Toys

Make sure you grab some of your babies favorite toys to distract them from wanting to ingest ungodly amounts of sand.


Puddle Jumper

If your little one is old enough to be in the water, try to have this life jacket handy at all times. They are perfect for little toddlers. Not to mention adorable.


Beach days with babies is a blast. You get to experience a whole new way to love the ocean. Plus it’s a perfect place to let the little ones run be wild and free.

Hope this helps you with finding some peace among the chaos when it comes to beach days!



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