Understanding Motherhood

For me, becoming a mom is one of the most intimate emotions I have ever experienced.  You may think that those nine months of carrying that little one will be enough to grasp the magnitude of what it means to be a mother and raise a tiny human, but it definitely is not something you can prepare for. Motherhood is a part of life that you cannot prep for until it happens, you just have to move along with the current and try to keep your head above the waves.

The amazing thing about motherhood is that it cannot be defined, it has so many different words attached that defining it would be like one long paragraph. Sometimes I think about it like an octopus with all of its tentacles going in every direction, yet attached to one body. Being a mom is finding peace among the chaos, joy in cleaning up the toys every night after the baby goes to bed, learning to embrace the mundane and enjoying the crazy. Motherhood gives you an opportunity to learn how to be present and soak up every moment with these chubby little babies, because you’ll blink and they won’t be so little anymore.

I’ve always heard people tell me that the days are long but the years are short and I couldn’t agree more. Trey is coming up on his first birthday and I cannot believe how fast time has gone. It seems like yesterday I was holding him for the first time and now he’s this little mover with a big personality. Those months didn’t seem to go fast in the moment, but now looking back I can’t believe how fast it went.




Lets be real for a second though, there are some aspects that are harder to adjust to. For me that was sleep. Motherhood tapped into a new level of sleep deprivation that I so desperately wanted back. I LOVE my sleep, I need like nine to ten hours a night. Even when my job would start at 7am I would get a full nine hours because I would always go to bed early. So when this little love showed up and wanted to eat every 2 hours during the night, sleep was far gone and I craved it so bad. But you learn to survive, move on and pray that a full nine hours will return again some day. In the mean time, my little early riser is the cutest alarm clock and the best reason in the world to miss sleep.

Motherhood has taught me so much about what I value in life and what is really unimportant in the long run. It stripped me of selfishness I didn’t even know I had and brought pieces of me to life that I had no idea existed. It tapped into a love I didn’t think was possible and for that I will never be the same.

Sometimes there is to much negativity shared when talking about motherhood and not so much of the joys. I think people often assume that we need to prepare the moms and only highlight the hard parts, but in reality we really need to do the opposite. Because if you can’t find the beauty in the mess, then why do it?

I think that we, as moms, need to understand that yes, motherhood can be tiring, but these little lives that are entrusted to us are beyond worth anything we give up in order to give them the best life we can. Being raw and real about just how messy motherhood is, is just as important as telling others just how incredible it is also. We need both. Because even though some days are long, if you truly surrender to the growing pains, it is beautiful.  We need to share just how beautiful motherhood really is because there is nothing more freeing then giving all of you to provide a safe harbor for your child.

Motherhood isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

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