Dogs & Babies

Let me introduce you to the most adorable, dynamic dog and baby duo. Trey and Tyson.


Dogs and babies. They are the cutest pair. If you’ve ever had a pet and a baby you understand. Dogs are incredible companions and having them to grow up with was my most favorite memory from my childhood. My parents had two miniature poodles during my younger years and I absolutely adored them! They provided constant entertainment and friendship. As the saying goes “dogs are man’s best friend” and I agree 100%.


I know I might be biased but my duo is definitely one of the cutest. When we got our husky I did not think he would be as massive as he is, but this guy is pushing a hundred pounds. Thank goodness he is the kindest and calmest giant around. He is the most sensitive dog and I think he loves people more then he loves other dogs. He is the perfect for our adventurous and outdoorsy family.

But how do you pick the right dog for babies?

I asked myself that questions SO many times when we were thinking of getting a dog. To be honest I have no idea how to gauge what type of dog would be good for babies so we just picked our favorite breed and basically hoped that it would pan out. Thankfully it turns out Huskies are extremely baby friendly. It comes from the loyalty to their owners because of their natural instinct to form a pack and when the owners bring home a baby they immediately adopt them into their pack. It is adorable!

So if you’re looking for a baby friendly dog, go for a husky. You won’t regret it. Well you might some days with all the dog hair everywhere, but it is so worth it.

These two will definitely be best friends forever. This pair will probably featured on my blog a a lot so make sure you follow these two cuties.





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