Camping with Babies: The Essentials

It’s amazing, chaotic, messy and adventurous!

If you’re like me (a new mom), you definitely need advice for what to bring when camping with babies in the mountains. These little ones are precious cargo and all we moms want is to make sure we have all the necessary precautions when it comes to the great outdoors.

I love camping. I grew up camping and it has since become one of my favorite outdoor activities.  However, when it came to me taking my little one, I was slightly nervous for how it would go and what I would need. Good thing my parents took my siblings and I camping as little ones. They were like a wealth of information, not mention they have any camping gear you ever need. Literally.

But for those of you who didn’t grow up camping. I am here to help!

Emergency Essentials:

  • Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil, incase your baby falls these are perfect natural remedies for cuts and burns. Because we try our hardest to keep that soft skin untouched by things like sunburn, but sometimes are best efforts fail. So bring these 2 oils along just in case.
  • Sunscreen
  • Teething remedies
  • First aid kit


Basic Essentials:

  • A large blanket to put down so they can crawl around


  •  Bring them jeans to wear if you have a little crawler, they are tough enough to keep their knees from scrapping or getting bruised from the rocks and dirt.


  • A hammock. Seriously, this is incredible for helping them nap or bed time. Its cozy and they get to lay on you while it swings back n forth, lulling them into a peaceful sleep *fingers crossed*.  It will save you so many tears, especially if you have a baby who is used to be rocked to sleep normally


  • Baby back pack. Any baby over 6 months will love these. They get to gaze around at nature and when they get sleepy, they can rest their heads and take a nice long nap.

Nighttime Essentials:


  • Dress the little one in a footie pajamas and keep a pair of socks, sweater and warm hat in-case it gets really cold.


  • Bring one of their warm blankets from home, it smells like you and will help keep them nice and cozy.


  • If you’re a co-sleeper (like me) just bring them next you in your sleeping bag and let them snuggle up. That way you don’t have to worry about them getting to cold.


  • If you don’t co-sleep, then bring a light weight down jacket of yours for them to sleep in. It is perfect fit for those little bodies and protects them like a sleeping bag.


  • You can also bring a pack n play, especially if your little one is used to sleeping in it.


  • Another great hack I found is to bring a small, portable sound machine. My son has had one since he was born and I bring that thing everywhere. It’s a game changer when it comes to a good night sleep in a strange place with lots of unfamiliar noises.






Enjoy this time with those little ones. Because soon they may not want to camp with boring mom and dad. These moments go by SO fast, so enjoy them and don’t sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy!


Do you take your kids camping? What tips do you have to share? Comment below

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