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I started this blog to enhance, inspire and help other mothers to embrace this crazy journey of motherhood. My desire is to give travel tips and advice to the moms who want to be adventurous with their babies and to share simple motherhood moments that are raw and real. I have a passion for wanting my kids to experience the joy of making memories with friends from all around the world and truly understanding the meaning of simple living.


This dream started when my precious, chubby, bald boy came into the world last fall

He is a bundle full of JOY! You’ll probably see that most of my blog posts feature his cute face. After Trey was born I came to the realization that living in Denver, Colorado on one income is not suitable to the desires of my husband and I’s heart for traveling the world, so here I am taking that passion for travel, life and motherhood and making it not just a hobby, but one that can help provide a path to financial freedom so we can pursue traveling full time.

However, we obviously don’t have the funds to travel across the ocean right now so I am making this blog a place for moms to come and get tips for all things motherhood as well as provide a guide of fun places to go with kids in the great state of Colorado. Being a local in this state is rare these days, so since I am one of the rare ones, I have a lot of input to offer when it comes to exploring the Rocky Mountains.


CONFESSION: The first time I came across this blogging lifestyle I was struck by how many of these average families were making a an incredible living off of sharing what expert advice they had for the world.  I started watching all these families traveling the world with their kids and getting paid while snorkeling or sailing in Costa Rica. So here I am, making a lifestyle change for my family and making our wondrous hearts become a reality.

Shout out to Suzi from and The Bucket List Family for making me realize that I can make this dream a reality.

Go follow their pages and be incredibly INSPIRED to start living the dream you envision. 


So whether I can give you tips for traveling with infants on airplanes Airplane Essentials for Moms  or ideas for family friendly things to do in Colorado or simple and real mom advice, my blog may be just for you.


Now grab a cup of coffee and browse around 

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