The Only 3 Hacks Needed for a Peaceful Car Ride


Are you that mom who loves to go places with your babies?

But your babies don’t love the car?

Welcome to the club! However, since being a new momma, I’ve had to learn things the hard way when it comes to carseat rides. Sometimes its quite and they fall asleep the whole ride or they decide to scream while you drive to the grocery store 5 minutes away.

One of my favorites is when I am driving with my little guy alone and he’s as happy as can be, than I’m driving with my husband and he freaks out. It’s like he knows I’m sitting up front with nothing to do except come back and hangout with him while my husband drives us around like our own personal chauffeur.

So what keeps these tiny humans entertained?

  • A toy that hangs and makes sound (like a rattle). I found this gem on Amazon and it has worked miracles. It hangs from the top bar of the carseat, its soft and easy to grab and chew, but it also has a rattler which Trey LOVES. It’s his most favorite toy and helps make those car seat rides 10x more enjoyable.


  • Another great toy is those teething necklesses! If you don’t know what I am talking about go check out my post Airplane Essentials for Moms. These little toys are another perfect toy to hang on the bar of the car seat by just looping it around the bar, so that it won’t break if they pull.  They can grab it, chew on it, swing it, all without it breaking or getting loose.


  • Backseat mirror… this honestly is one of the best inventions out there.  Especially for new moms. Not only does this product help if you hear baby screaming or sounds that are not normal, you can check through the review mirror and see whats going. Definitely gives me a peace-of-mind when driving alone, especially with a newborn. When they get old enough, they can see their own reflection and it can entertain them for quite sometime. Plus whats more fun than hearing your baby babble or giggle at him self?


  • One of my favorite hack for babies old enough to hold toys, is the nose frida tube. This one is a safe and satisfying. It’s long enough so they won’t choke on it, its flimsy enough that it won’t hurt them if they wave it around and its perfect to chew on, providing great entertainment. My son adores this toy and many times I’ve found him asleep in his carseat holding both ends of that tiny rubber tube. Its the cutest thing


So do these hacks really work? (The question I know you really are asking)

The answer is YES! They have changed my life when it comes to car rides with my son. But as we moms know, nothing can take away a bad day or a tired baby and those tears just flow. But these items sure can help. So give it a try.

What is your favorite car tip for keeping your little one happy? Comment down below

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