Traveling Essentials for New Moms

Ever get somewhere and feel like you forgot something but you can’t remember what?

Picture this scenario: showing up to the Southwest ticket counter, bag in hand, baby in tow and the ticket lady asking for my seven month old son’s birth certificate and me responding with a look of “huh?.”  Well that happened. Who knew you needed a birth certificate for babies under a year?

We new moms sometimes need a little heads up when doing things we, ourselves, have done so many times yet never with babies. It definitely changes the game. New rules and new moves, just like a chess game. You have to strategize before making your next move or you’ll get stuck.

So I decided to help you along this journey and give you all the tips  you need to be prepared for taking those tiny humans traveling. We as moms already have so much to remember that having a list of essentials put together for us lifts a weight off our shoulders. It’s definitely a win.

We all know that flying can be an ordeal. Add a baby to the mix and it becomes just slightly more challenging (just a take a deep breath).

 6 Essentials for travel with an infant

  1. Baby’s birth certificate (specific for babies under 2)
  2. Baby Ergo (you don’t have to take your baby out of the ergo when going through security)
  3.  Extra outfit for if your luggage gets lost or a blowout happens 
  4. A handful of chewable toys 
  5. Baby blanket (those airplanes can get cold)
  6. Nursing Cover

      Now I’m not sure about you mommas, but I like to make sure I am prepared if my little one decides to have a freak out 60,000 feet above ground. Having my calming techniques from home takes a load off my chest.

  • Hyland Calming Tablets. Totally natural and safe for babies 6+ months and up. They have natural calming agents such as chamomile, that help a baby have relief of irritability and fussiness. I swear by them and have used them in many situations where the boobs won’t do the trick and they definitely help calm him down. I always keep these on hand


  • Teething baby? Whatever you use to sooth those sore gums, bring that along at all times. Nothing worse than realizing your screaming baby is in pain and not having anything to sooth while you’re flying high above your grocery store below. I use Camilla Teething packets. They really work and are all natural


  • Baby got a cold? I always bring Hyland Tiny Cold Tablets in my diaper bag just incase that cold comes on. I only use natural remedies for my little guy but if you use something else just remember to pack it for emergencies



Sometimes traveling with babies can be stressful, but honestly traveling with infants is so much easier than with toddlers (not speaking from personal experience but so far thats the occurring verdict from others). They are more prone to sleep during the flight which is a HUGE stress relief on mom and dad. If you’re like me and worry about baby screaming on flights and disrupting the quite nature of everyone on board… DON’T be! People are much more kind and patient then I realized. Just take care of that baby and enjoy the snuggles while they sleep and pray everything goes smoothly.

*fingers crossed*


Do you have tips for traveling with babies under 2? If you do comment below and share your advice!


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